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Ovid Opens Full-Text Journal Articles to Pay-Per-View Access

:: From InfoToday: "December 15, 2003 — Ovid, a leading online service for medical, health sciences, and pharmaceutical information, has announced a new PayPerView Service for the full text of medical journals. The service is designed to open access to nonsubscribers, both nonsubscribers to the journals via institutional library subscriptions and to Ovid itself. With the current ongoing rebellion by large libraries against “big deal” packages of online journal access (see “Cornell and Other University Libraries to Cancel Elsevier Titles,” http://www.infotoday.com/newsbreaks/nb031117-1.shtml), this approach by Ovid could help librarians building collections around high-use titles to offer clients a safety net service for access to unsubscribed journals. The Microsoft Office 2003 and PubMed connections let Ovid reach new markets not currently using its services. At present, only 339 of the over 900 journals in the Journals@Ovid full-text collection are available for PayPerView, but Ovid expects to expand that number quickly." - Barbara Quint

Full-text of article.

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