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Open Access Under Attack

:: The commercial sector seems to be concerned about open access, and has published recent articles attacking it. Last week Jan Velterop of Biomed Central, in a message to the Reed Elsevier Customers list, pointed out an article in IMI Insights (http://www.epsltd.com/clients/viewIMI.asp?imiID=49) -- open to subscribers only -- in which Arie Jongejan of Elsevier exposes what he called "myths" of open access. Velterop gives a cogent response in his message to that list.

This week, Lancet (published by Elsevier) has an article by Wiley vice-president Brian Crawford, who claims that science could be weakened by open access: "The primary weakness inherent in open-access models is that they are based on authors paying for publication. As a result, science will either have a less effective filter, or will require the introduction of new post-publication filtering mechanisms." The issue also has a defense of open access by Biomed Central's Pritpal Tamber.

See http://www.thelancet.com/journal/vol362/iss9395/contents -- scroll down to "Series". (Access to these articles is free, but it requires registration, which takes a couple of minutes).

NOTE: The above posting care of Bob Michaelson, Northwestern University Library. Thanks, Bob.

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