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BioOne - Two Years Later

:: BioOne, an "aggregation of high-impact bioscience research journals", began operation in April, 2001. In this article, in the v 64 n10, November, 2003 issue of College & Research Libraries News, Heather Joseph and Adrian W Alexander examine how far the initiative has come since its inception, and consider BioOne's future challenges.


I find it somewhat astonishing that BioOne is only now considering how to help society publishers deal with the effects of library cancellations of print versions of their titles. They knew from the beginning that libraries would eventually cancel print in favor of the low cost electronic access. I know of at least one society that did not join BioOne because BioOne would not address this issue at the outset. I hope they aren't trying to close the barn door after the horses have fled.

If BioOne can't figure out how to get more revenue to the society publishers soon, it could be a dire situation either for the publishers or for BioOne.

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