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Science and Technology Libraries - Opportunity for Publication

:: Are you working on a project or research that would be of interest to your fellow scitech librarians?The following message appeared on STS-L, and is worth sharing here:

    "Science & Technology Libraries published by the Haworth Press seeks
    articles for upcoming issues. The journal is peer-reviewed and
    publishes research on projects based in sci-tech libraries including
    studies of changing use patterns of sci-tech information; evaluation
    of services and collections; case studies of library initiatives; and
    descriptions of innovative services, special collections, and special
    resources. For more details about the journal visit

    If you are completing a project that could be of interest to sci-tech
    librarians and information specialists, please consider submitting an
    article for consideration. If you have questions about a potential
    submission, please feel welcome to contact me:

      Julie M. Hurd
      Editor, Science & Technology Libraries
      University of Illinois at Chicago Science Library M/C 234
      P.O. Box 8198
      Chicago, IL 60680"
Julie can be reached at her e-mail address: jhurd at uic.edu

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