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Librarian On-Site! - Remote Service to Engineering Students

:: I'm writing this from Computer Laboratory E2-006, in the Engineering Teaching & Learning Complex of the University of Alberta. Today we begin our Librarian On-Site! service for the Faculty of Engineering students and staff. When this blog began in late March 2003, I asked librarians on two listservs for feedback on providing remote or satellite service to their users, and I received a generous number of replies. Now, six months later, we are running a trial service beginning today, September 24, 2003, and running every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:00-3:00 pm, in the largest computer lab in the ETLC.

One major concern was how to advertise this new service. We submitted a short writeup to the weekly newspaper of the Engineering Students' Society, and I sent e-mails to all faculty and grad students, and encouraged them to advertise the service in their classes. We also designed a poster, which was also printed in a 24"x36" format for use on a sandwich board outside the computer laboratory, and posted smaller versions throughout the faculty and departments.

I promise to report back on our progress at a later date.

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