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Stephen Wolfram and A New Kind of Science

:: Science News reports on the latest developments regarding Stephan Wolfram. Wolfram self-published his major treatise, A New Kind Of Science, in May 2002. In the book, Workfram outlines a new way to study science, based on cellular automata, and asserts that the results of his studies "force a whole new way of looking at the operation of our universe." Wolfram and his work have attracted much press coverage and criticism.

In late June, a 3-day conference and mini-course on the book's ideas and implications was held in Boston, attracting >200 attendees from around the world. A summer school on NKS was held at Brown University in July. A new website, The Wolfram Atlas of Simple Programs, "charts the computational world introduced in Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science. Much like the atlases of another age of exploration, the Atlas both documents what has been uncovered, and defines entryways into the unknown." And a quick check of Web of Science reveals that to date, the book has been cited at least 47 times.