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in-Cites, Project Links

:: From in-Cites: The 20 Most-Cited Countries in Geosciences,
January 1993-April 2003
, and Microbiology journals ranked by impact.

:: Project Links: Mathematics and It's Applications in Engineering & Science

    "Integrating the concepts of higher math with their applications in science and engineering lies at the heart of Project Links' mission. Our method relies on interactive web-based modules used in the classroom to engage students in guided learning--providing students with a unique experience unavailable in traditional lecture or textbook lessons.

    One of the primary goals of this project is to more closely integrate mathematics into engineering and science topics in the classroom. As a result, each module must be designed to be used in both a math course and a non-math course."

    Even a cursory look at this website is enough to hint at the exciting content. It is well laid out and well thought out, equally approachable from a mathematics or a science & engineering viewpoint. (From: SciTech Library Newsletter.)