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Shush and Shush Again, Wireless Problems, Hot Paper, INASP

:: The Seattle Times has followed up its article on the 1940-ish shushing librarian doll with a piece about the mixed reaction to its appearance. In addition to quotes from librarians for and against the doll comes these words of wisdom from the the president of the company that manufactures the doll:

Mark Pahlow, Accoutrements president, also has received some negative feedback, but says people haven't seen the total product yet, which includes not just the action figure, but the information to be printed on the packaging.

"If they see the context, they would understand the respect and celebration of library science that we have."

Although the packaging isn't complete, Pahlow may add some of its text to the Web site www.mcphee.com soon, to defuse some of the negative reaction.

That sound you hear is my head banging against my desk, again. Um, this doll represents respect and celebration of library science?? WhaAAA--? And this will be illustrated by a product that in no uncertain terms projects the stereotype we've tried to eliminate for decades? I wonder if those of us who think this doll is a rather sad and backwards development are going to think any differently when we read the words on the packaging. Duh.

:: Many universities, institutions, businesses, hotels, coffee shops, and other establishments, are upgrading to wireless. UBC is 75% wireless now, and will be 100% later this summer. With wireless comes a new opportunity for hacking. Read "Walk-By Hacking" from last week's NYTimes Magazine for more on this burgeoning concern. (Registration required. ID and pw: podbay)

:: The current Hot Paper In Environment/Ecology is "Global response of terrestrial ecosystem structure and function to CO2 and climate change: Results from six dynamic global vegetation models," by W. Cramer and 16 others, Global Change Biology, 7(4): 357-73, April 2001.

:: I learned today via the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog about another interesting resource: INASP Newsletter. INASP is the International Network for the Availablity of Scientific Publications, based in Oxford, UK.