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Sci-Tech and Engineering Resources, and Ed Krol

:: Remember Ed Krol? I do, I bought an early edition of The Whole Internet - it still sits on my shelf, and was written during the pre-browser days. Ed's retired now and enjoying life.

:: I just discovered SciTechDaily via the Sci Li Ref blog (Loyola). It is published in association with Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future (from PBS). SciTechDaily does its best to "link to the most thought-provoking, well researched online items in the world of science and technology."

:: Have you read the Sci-Tech Library Newsletter by Stephanie Bianchi? "The Sci-Tech Library Newsletter is a monthly publication produced by Stephanie Bianchi of the National Science Foundation, which is based in the United States. The newsletter highlights new and important web sites in the areas of science, technology and engineering."

:: Heard about AVEL - Sustainability Knowledge Network? "AVEL Sustainability Knowledge Network is a portal and brokerage service for engineers, other professionals and researchers concerned with sustainable systems. It is also a resource for students in senior secondary and tertiary education." AVEL = Australasian Virtual Engineering Library.

"By creating the Sustainability Knowledge Network, the AVEL team is leading the development of a global network called the Virtual Engineering Library for Sustainable Development (VELSD). The International Council for Engineering and Technology (ICET) initiated the VELSD project."
:: Geoff is off to the east coast for the next two weeks, and I've gone to Winnipeg for a short break, so new entries may be less frequent during that time, if at all. Thank you for visiting our site, feedback is always welcome.