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PAM Awards

The information below is from an e-mail to the PAM listserv from Alice Primack, and is posted with her approval- Randy

"The Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division was very pleased to make two awards this year! Thanks to PAM members who made nominations or wrote letters of support for nominees.

The PAM Achievement Award goes to Carol Hutchins. This award is reserved
for those recipients whose professional work is marked by distinction and
dedication to librarianship in astronomy, mathematics and/or physics. The
purpose of the award is to recognize those Division members who have made
outstanding contributions to the Division. Those nominating Carol Hutchins
point out her keen professional approach which is widely appreciated by her
PAM colleagues. Carol's contributions to our Roundtables and to the
listserve are thoughtful and go right to the heart of the matter under
discussion. Her knowledge of the Mathematics literature is all
encompassing, and she is always ready to share this knowledge, networking
with mathematicians and publishers worldwide as well as colleagues. A
member of the PAM Division for 23 years, Carol has held many important posts
including chair in 1992-93, has been chair of many committees, and has
moderated the Mathematics Workshop/Roundtable and the PAM Wide Roundtable. Congratulations to Carol Hutchins on her receipt of the PAM Achievement Award for 2003!

The PAM Division Award goes to Evan Owens, as previously noted on this list.
This award is given for a significant contribution to the literature of
physics, mathematics, or astronomy or to honor work which demonstrably
improves the exchange of information in physics, math or astronomy, and
should also significantly benefit libraries or enhance the ability of
librarians to provide service. Those nominating Evan Owens point out that
he is responsible for making the journals of the American Astronomical
Society available as full-text electronic journals at a time when the
e-journal idea was merely a glimmer of an idea at other societies and
commercial publishers. Working closely with others, Evan took the idea and
ran with it, overseeing the myriad technical issues, dealing with equations
and grey-scale figures as well as text, incorporating enhancements possible
only in the electronic format, and helping to create an institutional use
license that has become the model followed by others. He always listened to
what librarians had to say and paid attention to the concerns of libraries
and librarians. Congratulations to Evan Owens on receipt of the PAM
Division Award for 2003!

Our Award winners received their framed certificates at the PAM Annual
Business Meeting on June 10th in New York, and then were treated to a gala
Awards Dinner in the evening.

PAM Awards Committee:
Bert TePaske-King
Molly White
Alice Primack, chair