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Feedback re: New Springer-Verlag Website

Gordon Coleman at Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University, sends the following comments about the new Springer-Verlag website.

"Springer has changed its website. On one listserv (PAMnet) they found a press release about this (copied below). Why has Springer not advised its customers of this change?I tried a few things on the new site.
- All links have been changed. All your old links are being redirected to a new server: http://springerlink.metapress.com You may have EZProxy configuration issues here.
- It is SLOW SLOW SLOW, at times, for everything (30-60 second wait).
- I viewed some articles. My rough estimate is: 33% display properly, 33% error messages, 33% blank pages. In particular:
- I tested two journals and found that the most recent issue of each one would not display.
- Springer ebooks, such as Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, are a mess. Books which I know were available on the old site are no longer listed. When I tested the ones that are listed now, some worked and others displayed blank pages instead of chapters.
- There's a complaint on the SLA-PAM list that they've removed the "organization page" info which provided context for each book and chapter, e.g. invited paper vs. other paper, which committee/SIG sponsored the event, etc. This of course is key context information.
It's rather messy. One wonders if they road-tested it before it was rolled it out? One key email address you might want to know about is springerlink@springer.de, which is where to send complaints ... :-)"
Gordon Coleman
Librarian for Computing Science and Engineering, and Surrey Reference Librarian
Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia
gcoleman at sfu.ca
(NOTE:I tried opening .pdfs from the most recent issues of a number of key S-V journals, and what Gordon describes above happened to me as well: articles from these issues would not open in Acrobat. - Randy)

The press release (also the first two paragraphs from the S-V web site):

SpringerLink: More than just a name change…

SpringerLink is the award-winning online database comprised of a growing roster of journals and book series in Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) from Springer-Verlag. Those customers who have been with us over the past seven years may first notice the new name: SpringerLink. In addition to the new name, the new SpringerLink website has been completely redesigned with user-friendly navigation, enhanced features, and most importantly, easy and quick access to the content. New users and returning customers will see that Springer has continued to evolve with the researchers' needs.

For Our Returning Customers

As our valued customers over the past years, you may at first be surprised to find yourself on the new SpringerLink web site. We have moved to our new home with you in mind and taken advantage of many of the new features this site can offer to help you with your research needs. Most importantly, we are here to help make this transition as easy as possible. For all of the information you need to know as a returning customer, please see the FAQ page.

(Disclaimer: The above opinion belongs to Mr Coleman only, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The (sci-tech) Library Question blah blah blah...!)

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