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Cell Phone Camera Policy - Privacy Issues

:: Is your institution or company considering a policy to cover the use of camera phones (cell phones with camera functionality) in the library? Marcia Rodney of Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp is interested in the issue of cell phones that are also miniature cameras. From the SLA-ENG listserv:

"I am looking for information on how workplaces with security concerns are going about establishing policies regarding cellular phones that are also miniature cameras, as well as what these policies are and how they are implemented. As these phones are becoming quite common, it is a policy issue both for visitors to a company site and for employees. I have searched news and business literature using Nexis, Corporate ResourceNet, PROMT, the usual, but am interested in any other sources. Most of the articles I've found simply say 'Yup, sure gonna be one big problem!'......which is not much help. If your company has already dealt with this issue and you would be able to relate how, that would be of incredible value".
If you have anything of relevance to share with Marcia on this issue, please e-mail her at (spam-protected). Marcia will post a summary back to the SLA-ENG list.

:: Meanwhile, Samsung has banned camera phones from their manufacturing facilities, because of concerns regarding industrial espionage. However, camera phones will still be permitted in the areas where said phones are produced.

:: Recently, Lawrence Lessig's blog featured an ongoing discussion about Starbucks banning photos in their coffee shops. Discussion continued here and here. Of course, now a site exists where you can post photos you've taken in a Starbucks coffee shop

:: picturephoning.com is a blog covering "the new world of picture and video phones".