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Search Engines, Blogs and Spam

:: Student: "Can you suggest a good search engine I might use to find general information on mafic dyke swarms?" Reference Librarian: "Whaaaa--?" After learning that mafic means an igneous rock containing between 45 and 52% silica, and is dark coloured, you then need to suggest a search engine (the student has already searched GeoRef, and now she wants to learn what's out there on the web.) The latest issue of Search Engine Watch's SearchDay asks the question, ">What's the Best Search Engine? In the article, Chris Sherman notes that Debbie Abilock's Chose The Best Search For Your Information Needs is one of the best resources to answer the question. Information needs are defined (example: I need a pinpoint search using a unique phrase or word), and search strategies and engines are suggested. I was vaguely aware of NoodleTools, "a suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research."

:: Interesting article discussing how spam-blocking technology could cause major problems for legitimate e-mail systems.

:: A new company based in Germany, called 20Six, has launched Europe's first commercial blogging service.