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Public Library of Science

:: PLoS is in the news. Geoff reported on their new marketing blitz, a 30-second commercial, called "Wings", "...which humorously portrays the scientific progress that could be made if research and discoveries were openly and freely shared. The spot features a man leaving his house on his way to work." What's also of interest is the placement of the ad, to be shown during shows such as The Simpsons, Letterman, Leno, The Daily Show, and Discovery Sunday, in Boston, DC, and San Francisco.

"The campaign is linked to the October launch of PLoS Biology, a new peer-reviewed scientific journal that will compete with prominent publications such as Science, Nature, and Cell to publish the most significant works of biomedical research. Unlike these established journals, all works published by PLoS Biology will be immediately and freely available." PLoS argues that publically funded research should be freely available to all taxpayers, rather than at large universities and research institutions, which can afford to pay for the access.

Congressman Martin Sabo of Minnesota "is drafting legislation that would put publications describing research substantially funded by taxpayer dollars into the public domain." Coverage of the campaign has appeared in the NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal, among others. (Registration may be required)