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LearningTimes Library Online Conference 2003: "Innovations by Information Professionals"

A new, fully online library conference is scheduled for late October. The following information is from a posting on the ACRLNY-L Listserv.

LearningTimes Library Online Conference 2003: "Innovations by Information
Professionals" - www.libraryconference.com

The LearningTimes Library Online Conference (LTLOC) will take place over 5 days in October (20 - 24), and is the first completely online forum to address in depth the philosophical, intellectual, and practical issues in today's libraries, historical societies, archives, and museums. LTLOC responds to the pressing need for high quality professional development and community building within the vast information service field during 4 days packed with over 30 industry leaders delivering interactive webcasts, voice and text based chat sessions, moderated discussion boards, and online "poster sessions".

LearningTimes is pleased to announce our keynote speakers:

Steven M. Cohen is Assistant Librarian for Rivkin Radler, LLP in Uniondale,
NY. He is the creator of Library Stuff, a library weblog dedicated to resources for keeping current and professional development. He is also the Internet Spotlight columnist for Public Libraries Magazine and his first book, entitled Keeping Current - Advanced Internet Strategies to Meet Librarian and Patron Needs, will be published by the ALA in October 2003.

Dr. Siva Vaidhyanathan, a cultural historian and media scholar, is the author of Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001) and The Anarchist in the Library: How Peer-to-Peer Networks are Transforming Politics, Culture, and Information(FORTHCOMING from Basic Books, 2004).

Michael Weitzman, Director of the Task Force Against Hate and Terrorism at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, coordinates the SWC's research and activities on extremism, intergroup relations, the Internet, and hate crimes. Working closely with law enforcement, government, military, academia and the media, the seminars, lectures, publications and reports of the Task Force have had international impact.

LearningTimes is also pleased to announce some of our featured speakers:

Derek M. Powazek
Author, Designer, Troublemaker, Person
Author of Design for Community and creator of The Fray

Lisa McPhail, MLIS
Business Development Officer
Industry Canada’s Office of International Partnerships

Kim Dority
G. K. Dority & Associates
Former EVP, Jones Knowledge
and Jones e-Global Library®

Amy Friedlander, Ph.D.
Special Project Associate
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)
Full-time at the Library of Congress

Steven W. Gilbert
The TLT Group

Dr. Nancy J. Becker
Assistant Professor
Division of Library & Information Science
St. John's University

George Cigale
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sean Gallagher, Analyst and Emily Trask, Analyst and Senior Editor

Dane Ward
Associate Dean of Public Services
Illinois State University’s Milner Library
Co-editor and co-author of The Collaborative Imperative: Librarians and
Faculty Working Together in the Information Universe (ACRL).

Dr. Margit Misangyi Watts
Associate Professor
Director Freshman Seminars/Rainbow Advantage Program
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Author of the textbook College: We Make the Road By Walking

Call for Papers!
Present a paper, lead a text or voice discussion, or deliver a live online
workshop during LTLOC 2003. Proposals due June 30, 2003. Submit today!

Register Early,and Save!
Register before September 12th, and save 25% off regular registration

Who Should Attend:

· Academic Librarians
· Public Librarians
· School Librarians/Media Specialists
· Corporate Librarians
· Archivists
· Historians
· Museum Educators
· All interested in information services and the impact information
professionals have on society.

Register to participate:

Email: library@learningtimes.net
Phone: +1 212.420.6052

There is still time for you to participate as a presenters

Call for Papers!

Present a paper, lead a text or voice discussion, or deliver a live online
workshop during LTLOC 2003. Proposals due June 30, 2003.


Conference Tracks:

1. Creative Solutions to Fiscal Realities
2003 has brought unprecedented levels of budget cuts, affecting every
category of library and public information institution. While we have always
been an easy target for reductions in funding, it is getting harder to "do
more with less". This track is a call to share your most creative solutions
to current financial realities.

2. Case Studies in Information Management: Using Information Strategically
How have you and your organization effectively repurposed information or the
presentation of information to support a new or improved service, community
or product? Your innovation may be based on work at a library, museum,
archive or historical society.

3. Librarians as Educators, Scholars and Program Directors
Describe your adventures when you've been asked to act in a role not in the
job description of a traditional information professional. This is a forum
to discuss a variety of management scenarios in day-to-day situations,
scholarly work, or issues in course or program development.

4. Standards and Guidelines
How has the evolution of education, technology and world events changed the
nature of standards and guidelines in library service? This track showcases
presentations and discussions on how these vital and expanding issues impact
the practice of librarianship today.

5. History and Philosophy of Information Centers
How did we get here? This track looks at the historical roles of libraries,
museums, archives and historical societies. Highlight your recent work, lead
a discussion on the role of information centers in society today, contrasted
with what they have meant in the past.

6. The Future as You See It
How would you like to see information service and librarianship evolve? Take
this unique opportunity to present your ideal project, service, technology
or idea.

Email: library@learningtimes.net
Phone: +1 212.420.6052