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Teaching Resources for the Sciences

While at home this morning, doing battle with a tenacious flu bug, I was listening to the webcast of "Electronic Scientific, Technical, and Medical Journal Publishing and Its Implications" and learned of these two learning object repositories:

1) iLumina:

iLumina is a digital library of sharable undergraduate teaching materials for chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science. It is designed to quickly and accurately connect users with the educational resources they need. These resources range in type from highly granular objects such as individual images and video clips to entire courses. Resources in iLumina are cataloged with IMS-compliant metadata, which captures both technical and education-specific information about each resource. An advanced search engine, quick search feature, and browse utility provide multiple methods for accessing resources in the library. iLumina contains thousands of educational resources and several virtual collections.

2) ben (BiosciEdNet):

The BEN Collaborative, spearheaded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and composed of professional societies and coalitions for biology education, is developing a revolutionary approach for transforming biology teaching and learning in undergraduate and graduate institutions, as well as in professional schools.

Through the development of a BEN portal site, the BEN Collaborative provides searchable and seamless access to the digital library collections of its Partners to provide users with accurate and reliable biology education resources.

Resources accessible through the site will impact the learning of the biological sciences by students with diverse interests and career aspirations. The materials are collected and maintained by respected professional societies representing a broad spectrum of biological sciences.


G: Is there a URL for "ben"?

Oops, thx Randy. The link has been added.

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