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Interesting Sites and Stats

:: From the ASEE web site: "ASEE Directory of Engineering and Engineering Technology Colleges has been updated to include the results of the 2002 survey. This directory provides a detailed profile of 358 U.S. and Canadian schools offering undergraduate and graduate engineering, as well as engineering technology. This is the most comprehensive online resource available for researchers and prospective students preparing for their education in engineering."

:: Beyond Brilliance, Beyond Stupidity, is a site that examines "Positive developments in transportation, urban planning, design, the environment, the internet and many other vaguely related areas", and the negative as well. Coverage includes architecture, aviation, cars, cycling, design, environment, geography/maps, internet, society, transit, urban planning, and wildcard.

:: Via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends: a fascinating discussion on self-repairing computers

:: The Guardian maintains a fascinating and detailed weblog site. In addition, check "Onlineblog.com, a weblog covering internet and technology news produced daily by the Guardian Online team."