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EEVL's Engineering E-journal Search Engine and RAM: Recent Advances in Manufacturing database

Roddy McLeod sent a note about EEVL's E-Journal Search Engine. The Engine indexes >100 full-text, free engineering e-journals, most of which are available w/o registration, and are not indexed elsewhere. The search engine is very simple: you can search by "exact word" or "title only", and restrict the search to "all" or "any" word(s). One drawback is that when you search a phrase, it also searches for any occurrence of any word in the phrase and returns those results as well. However, Roddy hopes that in the near future they will be able "to develop the technology to allow the development of e-journal search engines in several different subject areas with some of the features mentioned at the end of the article."

In addition to the E-Journal Search Engine, EEVL offers RAM - Recent Advances in Manufacturing, a db which indexes >500 leading journals in this subject area.