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Botanique and Invasive Species

The Librarian's Index the Internet (RSS) should be a regular read in your newsreader or your browsing routine. A few new biology-related links as seen on lii.org:

Botanique: Portal to Gardens, Arboreta, and Nature Sites A directory of more than 2,400 botanical gardens, preserves, parks, and other nature sites in the United States and Canada. Entries include descriptions of collections, location, facilities, and, for many, links. Resources has links to organizations, publications, forums, herbaria, a zone map, general gardening and agricultural sites, and "the catch-all-but-interesting, potpourri." Also includes a calendar of tours, shows, plant swaps, and other garden events. Searchable.

Invasivespecies.gov: A Gateway to Federal and State Invasive Species Activities and Programs
This site deals with the U.S. federal government's response to the impacts of invasive plants and animals. The site has species profiles, plus information and links for news and events, laws and legislation, agencies and organizations, transportation of species from one location to another, and many other resources on issues involving invasive species. This is also the Web site for the National Invasive Species Council, an inter-departmental coordinating agency.