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A civil engineering departmental blog/BlogTalk Conference in Vienna

:: BlogTalk, A European Conference on Weblogs, was held on 23-24 May 2003 in Vienna. Among Dave Weinberger's brief postings from the conference was a report about the presentation on BauBlog, a blog (in German), developed by Ulrich van Stipriaan, public relations specialist, from the Dept of Civil Engineering (Fakultšt Bauingenieurwesen) at Technische Universitšt Dresden. van Stipriaan spoke on his attempts to make a blog work in the department, its purpose being to inform people outside the university about what's happening within the department. Has anyone else considered this? van Stipriaan noted that it was difficult to "cajole" 50 faculty members into trying this, but it has developed a small following. I'm wondering if it is easier to try to start a departmental blog with such a purpose if the blog creator works within the department, rather than outside of it, like a librarian.

van Stipriaan's presentation is available here.

Weinberger's reports of the conference begin here.